Selected Writing Samples

The Rumpus/ On Self-Reliance: Frank Ocean As Emersonian Hero

The Internet indulged in a collective swoon over Frank Ocean’s two releases, Blonde and Endless, last summer. And why not? His albums are undeniably beautiful and slippery...

THUMP Deutschland/Islamiq Grrrls über die Liebe und Musik—Die Scham besiegen

Zum ersten Mal fällt mir die Berliner Produzentin Islamiq Grrrls auf, als mir ein Freund den Link zu ihrer Single "Yr...

Exberliner / Startups: Child’s play

Will Verena Pausder’s Digitalwerkstatt produce the next generation of programmers?

VICE Deutschland / Wie du mit Ausländern deutsch spricht, ohne ein Arschloch zu sein

Heute erklärt Sophie Atkinson mit englischem Charme, wie du die größten Fettnäpfchen beim Umgang mit Expats umgehst.

Dazed / Why the color red means everything in The Get Down

The colour is the visual lifeblood of the series and on close inspection communicates a lot about characters’ intentions and the social fabric of The Bronx

The Toast / "Who Gave That Kid A Chainsaw?" : Interviewing Emily DiPrimio

Emily DiPrimio has the sort of enviable creative existence most artsy souls yearn for, at the ripe old age of thirteen. Emily’s been a horror movie devotee since the...

Dazed / Why Rihanna is music's ultimate femme fatale

The video for ‘Needed Me’ is the third time she’s killed a man on-screen – but her killings have allowed her to take control of her own story.

High Snobiety / An Investigation Into the Real Political Leanings of ‘The Simpsons’

The Simpsons’ focus on politics has always been nuanced, smart and curiously prescient: think, for example, of the Season 11 episode...

Noisey / How To Book A European Tour As A Broke American With No Money Or Industry Contacts

While starting a band can seem like a daunting enough task as a newbie musician, packing said band up and touring across Europe feels like pure fantasy. But we're here to tell you that not only can you do it, you should.