Selected Writing Samples

Dazed / Why Rihanna is music's ultimate femme fatale

The video for ‘Needed Me’ is the third time she’s killed a man on-screen – but her killings have allowed her to take control of her own story.

VICE Deutschland / Wie du mit Ausländern deutsch spricht, ohne ein Arschloch zu sein

Heute erklärt Sophie Atkinson mit englischem Charme, wie du die größten Fettnäpfchen beim Umgang mit Expats umgehst.

Daily Bread Mag / Brexit: A Reading Guide

The worst politically-induced depression of your life or an opportunity to read up on the UK's place in Europe? Embrace the worst with our Brexit-focused reading list.

High Snobiety / The Simpsons: Democratic Or Republican?

The Simpsons’ focus on politics has always been nuanced, smart and curiously prescient: think, for example, of the Season 11 episode “Bart To The Future,” in which Bart sees into the future, discovering that Lisa is the first female president and she’s “inherited quite a budget crunch from President...

Exberliner / Startups: Child’s play

Will Verena Pausder’s Digitalwerkstatt produce the next generation of programmers?

Dazed / Why the color red means everything in The Get Down

The colour is the visual lifeblood of the series and on close inspection communicates a lot about characters’ intentions and the social fabric of The Bronx

Bustle / The Meaning

Of Frank Ocean's

'Endless' Visual Movie

On Monday August 1, Frank Ocean captivated the Internet by live streaming what appeared to be an unlikely home improvement project: the audience could see...

The Billfold / Why Women Should Earn More Than Men: We Get Charged More

Recently I’ve been busy doing grown woman things like undergoing a performance review at work, and I got to air my theory that...

Minor Literatures / A Field Guide To British Democracy

British democracy is this one talk you go to. It’s being given by a young Virgin Music exec: he’s handsome and has great boots and gives off a heady musk of self-confidence. Even...